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As you age, skin loses its elasticity, causing wrinkles and sagging skin. Although it’s an inevitable part of life, you don’t have to merely live with the effects, especially when Dr. Beena Nagpal of Bella Medical Aesthetics offers scientifically proven, aging-combating treatments like Fractora™. Fractora is an effective, noninvasive procedure to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of even deep wrinkles. Dr. Nagpal is able to perform the entire procedure in her office in Clarksville and Columbia, Maryland. Schedule an appointment online or via phone today with Dr. Nagpal to get started with Fractora.

Fractora Q & A

What is Fractora?

Fractora is an anti-aging, skin rejuvenation method that uses microneedling and radio frequency together in one application to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It also improves the tightness of your skin.

Dr. Nagpal customizes your treatment to your specific needs. Your skin appears tighter and you have less wrinkling after Fractora, but it doesn’t look overly done like many surgical and chemical procedures.

Dr. Nagpal commonly uses the procedure in areas such as:

  • Lower and upper eyelids
  • Forehead
  • Mouth
  • Neck
  • Cheeks

Dr. Nagpal generally recommends one to six treatments based on your individual goals, but a typical treatment plan involves between one to three sessions.  

Why should you choose Fractora versus other skin rejuvenation and wrinkle-reducing treatments?

Dr. Nagpal offers this service because it has a scientifically proven mechanism of action. The micropins resurface and restore the skin while the radio frequencies tighten the skin by heating multiple layers to revitalize collagen, the substance necessary for skin elasticity.

Together, microneedling and radiofrequency offer a safe and more powerful treatment for age-related skin issues.

The procedure also requires little to no downtime, so you’re able to go back to work after your procedure. In fact, the full results might take up to six months to become visible because the treatment continuously improves collagen production. The treatment lasts longer than injectable solutions that require frequent “refreshers.”

What should you expect after the procedure?

After Dr. Nagpal administers Fractora, you should use a natural moisturizer and avoid direct sun exposure and tanning right after the procedure. You may notice your skin is red or irritated the first two days after Fractora, and this may last up to seven days. You can use a mineral-based makeup in about two to three days after your procedure.

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At-home anti-aging treatments aren’t always enough to correct sagging skin and wrinkles, but Dr. Nagpal of Bella Medical Aesthetics offers Fractora, a proven treatment to reduce signs of aging. Schedule an appointment with her Columbia, Maryland, office by phone or online for a consultation.

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