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Visit Bella Medical Aesthetics for High-Quality Care

Bella Medical Aesthetics’ lead physician is Dr. Beena Nagpal. Dr. Nagpal has over 20 years of experience in the medical industry. She worked in obstetrics and gynecology in India, and emergency and internal medicine here in the United States. Dr. Nagpal approaches aesthetics with the same care and attention to detail that she has throughout her career. You can trust that she will take good care of you. External beauty is so important to self-esteem. Dr. Nagpal is committed to helping her patients achieve their goals and look their best. Bella Medical Aesthetics uses only the best quality equipment in our procedures and strives to provide excellent care every day. We are well-known for offering premium aesthetic medicine to Clarksville, MD patients.

We Offer Comprehensive Aesthetic Services

Bella Medical Aesthetics offers a full spectrum of medical services to our patients. We have aesthetic equipment and procedures for everything. Whether you’ve lost weight and want to get rid of the fat diet and exercise can’t touch, or you need laser skin rejuvenation, we’re here for you. We offer:

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Nagpal Today

We want to hear from you, so schedule an appointment with a member of our team. Our medical staff will consult with you and design a treatment plan that works. We never treat two patients the same way. Your needs will vary from the next person’s needs. We promise to approach your treatment with the utmost compassion. We also offer specials, so be sure to check out website frequently to stay up-to-date on our medical aesthetics in Columbia, MD.

Let’s Make A Bella You