Are You a Good Candidate for SculpSure?

Diet and exercise can help you lose weight, but don’t always rid you of stubborn fat pockets that prevent you from getting the body you desire. SculpSure body contouring treatments can be the answer. The laser therapy destroys fat cells in specific, targeted locations, with no recovery time and no damage to your skin. Plus, SculpSure is noninvasive and quick.

Although SculpSure is effective, it’s not right for everyone. Read on to find out if you’re a candidate for this revolutionary treatment.

You follow a healthy lifestyle

The ideal candidates for SculpSure follow a healthy lifestyle, but still have problematic areas despite their efforts to diet and exercise. It’s best if you follow a healthy diet, eat moderate portion sizes, and choose mostly whole foods -- such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Minimize your intake of processed foods, added sugar, and excess alcohol. These dietary efforts complement the effects of SculpSure treatments.

Exercise is also an important factor in keeping your body at a healthy weight. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio most days of the week. As you well know, spot training to reduce the fat in a specific problem area isn’t possible. That doesn’t mean you should skip resistance training with weights, rubber tubing, or machines though. After SculpSure helps you reduce problem areas, the muscles you develop with such training become more apparent and you look leaner and tighter.

You’re close to a healthy weight

SculpSure can’t reduce your overall body fat levels. So to be a good candidate for the procedure, you should be within 10-20 pounds of your ideal weight with a body mass index of under 20. Body mass index, or BMI, is a calculation based on your height and weight. Many online formulas can help you determine your BMI, or Dr. Nagpal can calculate it for you.

You have realistic expectations

If you’re considering SculpSure, it’s important to have realistic expectations for your results. SculpSure targets areas such as your love handles, thighs, and abdomen. You’ll notice changes in areas treated with the laser, but untreated areas of your body will still look the same. You may need several treatments to achieve optimal results.

You understand that fat loss is permanent, but not total

SculpSure treatments eliminate up to 24% of fat in any given area for good. This means that the fat cells are destroyed, so they can’t plump back up or grow back. However, if you gain weight, the remaining fat cells in the area will swell, and you’ll need additional treatments to keep your slim look. That’s why a healthy diet and exercise are important and support SculpSure’s effectiveness.

You’re interested in convenience

The best candidates for SculpSure are people who want rid of fat without the downtime associated with more invasive procedures, such as liposuction. The laser procedure is noninvasive, so there’s no waiting around for incisions to heal. SculpSure sessions last just 25 minutes, and you can go back to your daily activities right afterwards.

If you’re considering SculpSure, schedule a consultation with us here at Bella Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Nagpal can give you an idea of what results to expect and determine if the laser therapy is the right mode of fat loss for you.

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